Employment Services

Do you need help finding the right people for the right jobs throughout your organization? Fusion Talent can help. We offer several Talent Acquisition and Talent Advisory Solutions to meet the needs of our customers. Let our experienced team assist you.

Talent Acquisition Solutions

Fusion Talent is dedicated to building strong partnerships that make a difference. We offer a wide variety of talent acquisition strategies to meet our customers’ specific needs.

Professional & Direct Hire:
• Professional – We specialize in recruiting for all levels of exempt roles- from entry to senior executives.
• Direct – We manage the recruiting process for skilled hourly positions and find the most qualified candidate that fits your company culture and skill requirement.

Contract Workforce: We help you meet labor demands during times of peak or fluctuating workflows.

Contract to Hire: We offer the flexibility of bringing talent into your organization on a contract basis with an opportunity to hire them permanently when a need or match is confirmed.

Payroll Services: If you have the right candidate but are not quite ready to fully onboard them into your organization from a cost perspective we can manage the administration of benefits and payroll.

Bi-Lingual Staffing: We can identify bi-lingual candidates who match the language and skill requirements of your position.

Language Services: If you need to communicate with employees, customers or partners but have a language barrier to overcome, our parent company, Affordable Language Services offers on-site interpreting, over-the-phone or over-video interpreting and translation services.

Total Resource Solution

If you need a partner who can take a larger role in meeting your high demand staffing needs, Fusion Talent is the partner for you. We are able to provide a total solution to your staffing needs including Vendor Management and OnSite Management when appropriate.

What’s included:

1. Key Stakeholder Analysis: That allows us to understand your needs and organizational goals to align a solution that drives a successful long-term partnership.

2. Solution Design: That could include a use of various staffing strategies:

Dedicated Team:
• Program Manager (Off or On-premise)
• Experienced Project Team
• Dedicated Corporate Staff
• Executive Sponsor

Customized Talent Acquisition Solutions
Vendor Management
• Quality Control
• Consolidated Reporting and Invoicing

Language Services (Affordable Language Services)

3. Talent Advisory: If you are not sure where to start or if you have a specific problem or project that you need assistance with, our Talent Advisory service may be a good starting point for you. We can provide experienced talent to help you work through common challenges such as, workforce management and development, job descriptions, hiring strategies, cultural fusion and onboarding just to name a few.