Staffing is the first step in building a successful business. Finding the right people for the job can make or break your company and making the wrong hiring choice can cost you in time and money. Don’t risk making a potentially devastating choice, let Fusion Talent help you with all your staffing needs.

Fusion Talent is a staffing and recruiting company. We offer support through all aspects of the hiring process, whether it be filling a short-term position or finding your next manager. Our mission is to build partnerships, connect the right people, and make a difference.

When Do You Need Staffing Services?


While recruiting usually means finding higher-level, long-term positions, staffing refers to short-term, seasonal, or high-volume hires. If your business goes through times of peak workflow, for example, you need to hire more people for a shorter period of time.

Finding a large number of qualified candidates can be challenging. You have to sift through hundreds of resumes, conduct interviews, and spend countless hours going through the hiring process. Staffing on your own can take up time you could be using to further your business and your career. By working with a staffing partner like Fusion Talent, you’re saving time and money.




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Fusion Talent Saves You Time

staffing cincinnatiThe first step to any staffing process is letting people know you’re hiring. Once you get the word out, you may be flooded with resumes. You then spend hours, days, or even weeks going through the tedious task of looking at resumes. Or you may even find you didn’t get the number or quality of resumes you had hoped for.

Your entire job can be put on hold to oversee staffing, which can then result in a buildup of work. You may spend countless hours trying to identify qualified candidates and interested prospects. After hours of looking at resumes and conducting interviews, you’re hopefully left with a group of people to hire. Wouldn’t it be nice if someone else could help you along in this process?

Fusion Talent saves you time by being as involved in your staffing as you want us to be. If you want us to go through the resumes you receive and choose interview candidates based on your specifications, we’ll find you the people we think will be best suited for your job. If you want us to be involved in the interview process, we can help you set up appointments and create questions to ask your candidates. No matter what aspect of staffing you need help with, we’re happy to help.

Fusion Talent Saves You Money

staffing saves moneyIn business, time is money. Staffing is a balancing act of finding the best candidates who matches the skill set and also fit the workplace culture. Besides the salary and benefits, you also have to deal with the costs of the many hours that go into reviewing resumes, conducting interviews, background checks, and even drug tests. All of that time costs money and is time that you aren’t able to spend investing back into your company. Fusion Talent’s  services can help you through the hiring process efficiently and easily.

You are in control throughout the entire process. We are committed to your satisfaction! If you’re interested in learning more about the staffing services at Fusion Talent, don’t hesitate to call us at 513-745-0888 or email us at today to learn more.